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  • test test test

Email is broken

I hate email. For every email I send, I get 1.3 back (fact – I even took the time to do the math). As you can see from this graph, email as a primary communication tool is not scaleable. Like most other social networks, email is like a drug. Ding – oooooh, somebody needs me (dopamine squirt). Hey I just replied to ten emails. I must be very productive and getting things done (dopamine squirt). (more…)
  • Reading

Favorite digital reading tools, circa 2015

In an effort to avoid writing one more email with my reading app recommendations, I am going public and putting it all out there: Favorite readers I have a quiver of readers but I always seem to fall back on the same ones: (more…)
  • CRM_&_Higher_Education

Higher ed and CRM… two great tastes that taste great together

The Student-Centric Age of higher education has arrived. (The following is an excerpt from a white paper I scribbled up for my most excellent employer this week.) Higher Education is undergoing a massive transformation. Changing societal needs and advances in technology have combined to drive a rapid increase in the size and complexity of the postsecondary marketplace. New competitive forces have materialized. To help cope with—and embrace—this educational revolution, institutions of all kinds are turning to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions to help trim expenses, grow revenues, and drive positive student outcomes through a highly personalized experience. (more…)
  • Looking-for-a-job

Kick off 2015 with a new job!

I am looking for sales people and sales managers with SaaS or higher education experience. If you live in California or Florida and have experience, all the better. Tweet me @enilsson if you, or anyone you know, is interested. The position could be great fun for the right person. The product is “hot” and higher education customers are great folks with which to work. It is good to be in a business where you really like your clients.
  • mmmmmm...meatballs

Public Service Post: Swedish Meatball Recipe

It’s the first of advent meaning that we have officially entered the sweet spot of Swedish meatball season. Much like the infamous Nilsson family glögg recipe, I get a lot of requests for our super traditional Köttbulle recipe. Don’t bother calling me or writing it down. Here it is, permanently recorded for all eternity on the interwebs. (more…)
  • smartphone-stats

“Mobile is Eating the World”

I had more than a few “holy shit” moments during this a16z 2014 Tech Summit presentation. Mobile technology truly is eating the world: How Mobile is Enabling Tech to Outgrow the Tech Industry BY BENEDICT EVANS WATCH: 13 minutes
  • to-do_list_gamification_top

To-do List Gamification

Sometimes I need a kick to get going on my personal to-do lists. To-do lists are so boring and lacking in productivity inspiration. Gamifying my to-do list is the perfect antidote when I don’t know what I should do with my weekend. My gamified to-do list randomizes which task I do next and adds the chance of being forced to do fun or relaxing activities. The fun stuff is what gets my lizard brain all excited and keeps me playing. Yesterday, for example, I HAD to take a nap in my hammock. The best part of the nap was that it was all part of the game and totally guilt free. I was just following the rules. (more…)
  • science

Use Biochemistry to Increase Your Personal Productivity

According to the neuroenergetic theory of attention, your ability to focus is limited by your neurons’ access to energy. After about 12 seconds of effort, your neurons run out of gas and you are left with a wandering mind. Now you have a sciencey explanation for all those unscheduled mental walkabouts that take place when you really should be working. This sciencey explanation can also be used to develop strategies to maximize your ability to focus. (more…)
  • howard-web-time

Pomodoro Technique for Footballers

One of my most successful productivity strategies is the Pomodoro Technique, but as a life-long footballer, I prefer to give it a slight twist. (more…)
  • viking-ship

Friday Links

I think I have a new project to get Torsten & Bjorn out of the house this summer. This personal viking ship could be a great way to jumpstart their careers in pillaging. Folks out on the Cape and Nantucket should be worried… very worried.  Besides marauding vikings and sharks (who always seem to get a bad rap), here are 19 real reasons not to go to the beach this summer. Is being killed at the beach really worth all that time sitting in traffic at the Sagamore Bridge? I think we will be heading to Vermont this weekend. (more…)
  • Football-aerodynamics2

Friday Links, World Cup Edition

The World Cup is dominating my life right now so here are a group of World Cup related links: John Oliver does a great job explaining how FIFA is a “comically grotesque organization” and will ruin the World Cup and screw Brazil. “Bribery and FIFA go together like peanut butter and jelly.” (more…)
  • bored-college-kids

Friday Links

It is amazing what bored college kids can do with chalk and a blackboard. I bet the culprits are all studying liberal arts.  This is a fantastic rant that explains how and why ALL computers are broken. Here are a few choice quotes: (more…)
  • Dilburt-140604

Liberal Arts Education and the Post Industrial Age

Wednesday’s Dilbert comic got me thinking about the growing importance of a liberal arts education as we transition into the post industrial age. In the good old industrial age (which was really a relatively short period), high schools, trade schools, and higher ed cranked out graduates who where specialist in very specific tasks, perfect for factory workers, engineers or even professions like doctors and lawyers. Specialized skills and knowledge were a path to career success, thus making them a valuable commodity. (more…)
  • Apple-wwdc2014

4,000 Apple APIs for Almost Everything

Most important news coming out of Apple’s WWDC 2014 Conference Apple released some big news this week which leads me to believe that we are leaving the early adopter stage of “API as a product” and are at the very edge of mainstream adoption. On Monday, Apple announced that they are releasing over 4,000 APIs that can be used by developers to build applications on top of Apple’s ecosystem of software and devices. (more…)
  • hacker

Friday Links

How Spammers Spoof Your Email Address (and How to Protect Yourself) from Lifehacker.   Thought provoking argument asserting that the frequent quote of “97% of scientists believe that climate change is a man-made and a urgent problem” is unsubstantiated by reliable research.   (more…)
  • Roger_Federer_Through_Glass

Friday Links

Roger Federer’s perspective on the tennis court through Google Glass. Take some dramamine before watching. I am feeling a little car sick.   New Boston startup Circle has launched as a registered financial institution that acts like are real bank for Bitcoin. (more…)
  • Tello

Friday Links

Trello – I’ve been using Trello for about 6 months now and it is by far the best personal productivity tool I’ve found to date. It is the first application that I’ve run across that takes the concept of using index cards to manage tasks and turns it into a highly usable digitized process. You can organize your cards in any manner you’d like and attach notes, checklists, documents, etc to each card. (more…)
  • Middlebury_Match_Success_Head

Great example of successful higher education fundraising matching campaign

This spring’s Middlebury College (my alma mater) March fundraising campaign turned a bread & butter, boring matching gift campaign into a viral (viral among alumni that is) sensation generating 3,403 gifts adding up to $850K in just 7 days. (more…)
  • Formula 1 pitstop perfection

Friday Links

Have you got 3 seconds to kill? 21 men… 3 seconds…. one F1 Ferrari. Truly fascinating. Noisli – great background noise maker for deep thinking. I like the constantly changing colors. The text editor is pretty handy too.  Skype/Google Hangouts/GoToMeeting/etc. are so 2013. Check out Hutt and Talky for free instant video without needing signups. all you have to do is share a link. Very cool!   Another great source for royalty free images: 
  • How to survive falling through ice

Friday Links

This guide to surviving a fall through the ice is timely, especially for all you southerners who are getting hit hard this winter with colder than normal temperatures.   Great source for royalty free images: Stock photos that don’t suck.   Is this the end of winter blues (seasonal affective disorder)? Can you get a sunburn from the inside? Sunlight Pills may be my new alternative to coffee in the AM.   Usability testing for mobile devices can be easy so there is no reason not to do it early and do it often. Early usability testing can save significant development time and insure your projects success. Don’t put it off until the end.   I find it incredibly interesting that you can change the structure and connections in your brain through habits and training. Here are two articles that discuss how you can basically reprogram your brain to maximize its performance through training and practice: How Driving a Taxi Changes London Cabbies’ Brains – Wired Brains of Buddhist Monks Scanned in Meditation Study – BBC